Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of Medicine in the world, dating back to Ancient China over 3000 years ago. Traditional Chinese Medicine theory revolves around the concept of balance and treating the individual from a holistic perspective; involving all facets of the mind, body and Spirit. Acupuncture philosophy believes that the human body houses the natural ability to heal itself when supported into a place of balance, and that disease is simply an imbalance asking to be brought back to its centre rather than an immovable object.

This involves the gentle insertion of ultra-fine needles beneath the skin’s surface to stimulate the muscle fibers and the nerves. This sensation elicits response through the body’s nervous system that releases the body’s natural painkillers, endorphin and serotonin. Through the use of specific points, we are also able to regulate hormonal dysfunction.


Reiki is a form of treatment that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, enhances our intuition and unearths our emotions by unifying the conscious with the subconscious. This enables us to connect more deeply with our selves physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. … Practitioners move their hands over the body, sometimes hovering or gently placing their hands over a specific area to identify areas of strain, weakness or emotional unrest.
Many practitioners utilize the chakra system to highlight imbalances or obstruction in this flow of energy. There are 7 chakras that run the length of the body, each chakra corresponding with different mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. The goal is to create an unobstructed flow of energy within the body in order to balance and align these chakras.

Herbal Consultations

After an in depth discussion outlining your specific goals, the practitioner will then create an individual herbal plan of treatment customized for you based on your personal constitution and needs.
All herbal protocols are carefully researched to ensure that there are no interactions with any medical pharmaceuticals, vitamins or nutritional supplements.

Your Initial Consultation

An initial intake form outlining your health history, primary concerns and specific goals will  be emailed to you prior to your appointment.

Following this, we will then sit down and go over your entire intake form together. At The Garden, we feel that it is vital to begin the healing process with a strong knowledge and understanding of who you are, where you are going and how we can best support you along your journey. We believe in laying a strong foundation from the very beginning, so that whatever seeds you choose to plant will come to grow and flourish.

Following our discussion, which also includes nutritional and herbal recommendations, we will then move into an acupuncture treatment.

Cost of Services:




Acupuncture Initial Consultation including Treatment: (90 mins) – $155.00

 (To properly assess your needs, an Acupuncture Initial Consultation is required prior to booking any of our Acupuncture Combinations, but both Reiki or Nutrition can be blended into your first appointment if you write your interest with said practitioner in the notes section when booking your service.)


Acupuncture Follow-Up Treatment: (60 mins) – $95.00


Acupuncture and Reiki Combination:


(90 mins) session: $145.00


Acupuncture and Nutrition Combination: 


(90 mins) session: $145.00

(60 mins) session: $95.00


Massage Therapy: 


30 mins: $60.00

45 mins: $75.00

60 mins: $95.00

90 mins: $135.00


Herbal Consultation with Customized Plan of Treatment: 


$135.00 (1 hr)




Nutrition Initial Consultation ( 60 mins): $110.00

Nutrition Follow-up (60 mins): $95.00

Nutrition Follow-up (30 mins): $65.00



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"When I was almost a week overdue with my son last year, I called Heather to see if she could help since I had been seeing her regularly for a few months and her acupuncture treatments had helped tremendously with my restless legs and insomnia during pregnancy. I went for a treatment to induce labour, and four hours later my water broke and my son was born that night! I had tried everything that I could think of to get things going and hadn’t had any success until I saw Heather, so I give her complete credit for putting me into labour that same day. I am extremely grateful to Heather for all her treatments. Her professionalism and warmth made it very enjoyable to see her." Erin